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Creditor liability consulting

Business growth, turnaround, and rescue analysis consulting to industry for more than fifteen successful years


Liability risk consulting assist business owners to address their risks to creditor exposure

We understand the unique dynamics and risks of being a business owner in South Africa. The financial health of the business owner and the business is normally interdependent, and various significant risks exist to both legal entities. Protect your business and personal estate from creditors and unforeseen risk factors.

Our consultants and network of professional associates, which include practising liquidation and company law attorneys, and tax specialists, are all experienced and qualified to support your business and personal estate to address and curb your financial risks.

The benefit from using our network of professionals to assist you in assessing your risk profile and support you with the required legal interventions, is that our professionals are not only experts in their respective disciplines, but understand the dynamics and challenges of being a business owner.

Combining the legal interventions with business consulting result in a holistic analysis of the potential and current risks facing your business and your personal estate, and are in most cases more cost efficient.