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Summary of recent consulting projects

Business growth, turnaround, and rescue analysis consulting to industry for more than fifteen successful years


Business management consultant with more than twenty years of local and international consulting experience, mainly within the fields of strategy reviews, financial modeling, and analysis of existing and greenfield projects.

Recent projects and experience include the following:

1. Financial modeling and analysis - Palm Oil plantation (Guinea Conakry)

2. Financial modeling - Vanadium project

3. Financial modeling - Electrolyte project

4. Financial modeling - Photovoltaic project

5. Financial modeling - Coal project

6. Financial analysis and strategy reviews conducted on more than 200 manufacturing and related companies

7. Strategy and financial model development for greenfield projects

8. Business turnaround consultant for industry and Producticity South Africa (15 years)

9. Business rescue analyst (8 years)

10. Strategy review facilitator (15 years)

11. On-site special projects consultant

12. Franchise and growth consulting (5 years)

13. Financial analysis and due-diligence (15 years)