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Business rescue consulting

Business growth, turnaround, and rescue analysis consulting to industry for more than fifteen successful years


Business rescue application which are supported by thorough analysis and turnaround strategies

A successful Business Rescue (in terms of Chapter 6, Companies Act 71 of 2008) is more than a mere court application, and requires a well formulated business turnaround strategy, thorough financial analysis, and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

As a business rescue analyst, I support the court appointed business rescue practitioner, in the thorough assessment of the business, developing the rescue turnaround strategy, and establishing a framework for constructive engagement with all the relevant stakeholders (creditors, employees etc).

The success within our approach is that we allow for specialisation, allowing experienced business turnaround consultants to support management, whilst our attorneys and court appointed business rescue practitioner drives the legal application process, engage with creditors and employees, and assume responsibility for overall project management and legal compliance.

Our consultants and network of professional associates, which include business rescue analysts and practitioners, liquidation and company law attorneys, labour law specialists, and tax specialists, are all experienced and qualified to support your business with this challenging process.

Our consulting interaction typically commences with a critical business financial evaluation of the business, which is followed-up with a comprehensive report and feedback session with management. This phase normally precedes a formal strategy review session. This approach is not only cost & time effective, but enable all parties concerned to identify and define any possible cooperation that may follow.

Considering a business rescue application, as an alternative to a traditional business turnaround or liquidation application, is not always easy and requires a great deal of assessment. Our experienced team will assist you with the evaluation process, and discuss all the possible alternatives available.