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Strategy review facilitation

Business growth, turnaround, and rescue analysis consulting to industry for more than fifteen successful years


Capitalise on the internal knowledge and experience of your management team and key employees

Whether you are looking for a "business mentor" or event specific facilitator, we have a team of experienced consultants that will capitalise on the knowledge and dynamics of your management team in order for you to achieve your desired outcome. The facilitator's function is to support the group to fully participate in the discussion at hand in at atmosphere which is conducive to constructive problem solving.

In addition to the above, and dependant on the nature of the required consulting support and intervention, we offer a once-off, or retainer based management support consulting service. This consulting service is primarily offered to provide support to executive and senior management, where ongoing facilitation or technical business support is required.

Our consultants have consulted to various national brands, and our business analysis skills have been used by Productivity South Africa, National Productivity Institute, Government's Department of Economic and Development, municipalities, and independent power providers, in the analysis, development and facilitation of growth consulting, business turnarounds, developing green-field projects, and critical analysis.

Considering business facilitation, as an alternative to traditional business turnaround or optimisation consulting, is not always easy and requires some assessment. Our experienced team will assist you with the evaluation process, and discuss all the possible alternatives available.