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African suppliers of minerals and metals

Your trusted commodity trade coordinators in Southern Africa 

Suppliers and exporters of mainly Manganese(Mn), Chromium(Cr), Ferrochrome(FeCr), as well as Ferro-alloys, e.g. Ferromanganese(FeMn).

"Based in South Africa, a country rich in a variety of minerals, boasting some of the biggest reserves of Manganese (Mn) and Chromium (Cr) in the world"

Our company, through an extensive network of associate professional commodity traders, facilitates the sourcing and supply of minerals and metals to local and international clients.

Our focus is mainly in the supply of Manganese (Mn), Chromium (Cr), Ferrochrome (FeCr), as well as Fero-alloys e.g. Ferromanganese (FeMn).

Our competitive advantage


Access to resources

Through our extensive network in Southern Africa, we can successfully faciliate the source and supply of most minerals and metals that are available in the region.


Beneficiation plants

Our network includes various beneficial plants with a proven track record in extracting value.


Industry expertise

Should it be required, we are able to provide industry leading consulting support and laboratory testing.  


Extensive network

Our network includes direct access to materials, beneficial plants, consultants and logistic partners, enabling us to provide a cost effective and comprehensive approach.

Available resources




Manganese(Mn) ore smaller than 1mm, Manganese(Mn) content 42%


Manganese(Mn) Briquettes

Our value proposition


We have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of logistics and export processes and use these skills to ensure that our international clients get consistent premium products at reasonable prices delivered to them on time!


We also take off-specification, tailings and waste minerals as well as alloys and rework it into premium products with a great consistency in quality through scientific processes.


We guarantee premium quality! We provide each client with laboratory tested results confirming the content of our product before shipping.

Track record

We understand the importance of delivering on time! We have an excellent track record of delivering our products on time – EVERY TIME – without delay.

Regional and global experience

We have an international client base and our reputation speaks for itself.

Access to resource

We are based in South Africa, a country rich in a variety of minerals, boasting some of the biggest reserves of Manganese(Mn) and Chromium(Cr) in the world.

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Pretoria, South Africa (ZA)
(but we do consult throughout Africa)

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Mobile number: +27 (0) 84 747 4994

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